How RTB Works

Typical test system configuration:


SUT - System Under Test. (Your software).

RTB - Regression Test Bank Tool – Runs the bank of tests automatically at specific Dates/times or manually when creating new tests. Gathers test results and analyzes them.

RTB system performs automatic 'Black Box' software testing by simulating events on the "Software Under Test". These tests are independent of the actual software implementation and provide a way to construct validation tests after writing the spec documents, and before creating the software.

In SipTelecom every spec document indicates how the spec should be verified for acceptance. These guidelines serve as the basis for the test document or directly as a test case scenario. The test case is prepared and is used to validate the programming of the particular feature. Once validated at the module level, the test is added to the Bank and serves as a reference point for system validation.

RTB system elements include:
  • Robot – Allows simulated communication streams to test server or client response.
  • Tests –Sent as input to the robot, specifying where it should communicate and what to send/receive.
  • "Gold outputs" – Snapshot information used as references for the current RTB run.
  • Dispatcher – Manages the tests, by groups or by name.
  • Mechanism that runs the RTB at fixed intervals.
Programmers are expected to create tests when they finish fixing a bug, or writing a software module. Those tests demonstrate the fixes or the developed feature, and are used to indicate the expected software behavior. Failure of the RTB run issues alerts that the changed system is not backward compatible. This alert pinpoints the programmers to the offending issue, letting them fix the discrepancy immediately and maintain the system's integrity. QA personnel expect to add their tests to the RTB bank, making another validation area for the system.

RTB user guide in PDF format.

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