RTB is a Functional and regression testing tool for running QA tests automatically.

It is one of the finest tools for regression testing and functional testing exists today.


Use the RTB system to:
  • Validate system coherency to a spec.
  • Validate versions prior to their release.
  • Demonstrate new features correctness.
  • Validate backward compatibility during development.
  • Run in a “nightly build” process to validate overall system integrity.
  • Detect issues within 24 hours.
  • Validate complex client/server applications.
  • Create a Library of Tests.
The RTB system allows you to create and edit tests, ensemble them in testsuites and run them at predefine times, selecting test suite or individual test to run.
These feature automates testing procedure needed during normal development operation, prior to code release etc.
This tool detects malfunctions during software development process and configuration changes. The automatic detection allows fixing problems right next to their place of creation, saving business hours and increasing the uptime rate.

This system is usually run every night as part of the "nightly build" process, validating the overall functionality of the System Under Test and sending notification Email indicating that "all is well" or "mismatch found" and extensive information allowing the developers to pinpoint and fix the problem; Programmers are expected to run the system manually to validate backward compatibility.

This is SipTelecom's main validation and testing tool allowing us to develop large and complex communication systems. Software development groups benefit from adding the RTB to their development process.

The RTB is for:
  1. Software Developers – Used as an automated regression testing tool. Allows early detection of compatibility bugs created during software development process, in-house rather than on customer premises. A must have tool for reaching new peaks in software products.

  2. QA Units – Based on the test plan, developing automated tests to replace by-hand operation. Deploying smart automatic testing that will shorten results waiting time, preventing operating errors and upgrading time utilization by a deeper coverage of System Under Test.


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