RTB – Regression Test Bank QA Tool

Ensure Your Software is Bug-Free with Regression Test Bank (RTB) QA tool

RTB is your software's QA “insurance policy,” identifying, locating and reporting bugs before they become a problem. This QA system compares results from its bank of tests against predefined snapshots of the software in action. Every inconsistency is reported to enable efficient and appropriate correction.

The RTB:
  • Reduces software development cycle and costs by letting you fix bugs near the programming point, before release to the customer.
  • Coordinates development by individuals and groups of programmers.
  • Eliminates errors based on “hidden” problems.
  • Provides fast ROI.
  • Instills good manufacturing practice (GMP).
The tests run consistently each night (or at any interval you determine) and the program sends a status report by e-mail to key personnel – either that the software is okay or with specific indications of the detected problem and source.

Protect the Integrity of your Software

This infrastructure tool has been developed according to well-established software engineering methodology. Features include:
  • Programmers checking their code can immediately add new tests to the bank.
  • Tests may be grouped to shorten test time.
  • Selected groups or specific tests may be run.
  • Enable running of external tests (such as Junit).
  • Complex client-server scenarios may be created to demonstrate system abilities.
  • Stress-load testing of the system under test.
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