RTB a tool for system administrators - be sure that your system is up and running!

Tired of all those phone calls every time you change something in your system?
Want to prevent your organization from hours of malfunction?

Have a smooth configuration process with RTB for system administrators!

  • Validate that your system works as expected.
  • Validate your servers functionality.
  • Validate your databases performance.
  • Ensure that your e-mail system works.
  • Test disk quota and critical directories limits.

How it works:
The RTB tool lets sysadmins record system usage scenarios they want to validate and create a "bank" of tests. The bank forms an automated QA regression test system that can be operated at predefined times.
After changing the system, the tool is activated and performs the regression tests. The test results are compared to the expected results and inconsistencies are indicated.

If the tests pass, an e-mail "all is well" notification is sent . Otherwise, in case of inconsistencies, the RTB provides detailed information regarding each. The information includes the type of inconsistency and its location.

Using this information system administrators can fix the problems before their customers find it.
This procedure lets you know that your system will perform well after any configuration changes.
You can also schedule the RTB to run at predefined times to validate that the system is within correct work limits and issues such as disk quota or directory exploding have not impaired your system.

The RTB tool for sysadmins is composed from:
a. HTTP Recorder - records web traffic to web sites and databases.
b. Test Editor - allows adding to and editing the bank of tests.
c. Communication Robot - performs the tests, validates the results and reports them.
d. Alarm Component - alerts predefined audience about system discrepancies.

The RTB is system administrators “insurance policy”. Identifying, locating and reporting issues before they become a problem.

Fast ROI: Preventing one hour of business malfunction easily covers the cost of RTB for sysadmins.