Why RTB?

As software complexity grows, computerized tools are needed to escort the development process, and validate the design and software created. These tools are essential for creating professional software and successfully releasing large systems.

Without using these QA tools, software companies find themselves investing much of their energy fixing bugs introduced by enhancements, or as a result of multiple groups and programmers developing the product in parallel.

Software development methodologies have been developed by Computer Engineering science. Those methodologies involve procedures of writing good spec documents, implementation, and quality assurance of the software created.

The RTB tool allow software companies to build their system brick-by-brick, shortening development cycle time, enabling creation of big systems with tens and hundreds of man-years in them.

In software validation methodologies, there are two types of software testing:
  • Black Box testing or functional testing – This methodology assumes no access to the source code, and hence the system is a "black box". The testing is conducted by taking a spec document of a test plan, triggering events on the system under test, and examining the response generated.
  • White Box testing or unit testing – This methodology involves going through the source code and generating code that targets specific lines. These types of tests validate the software functionality over a broad range of conditions, ensuring that it will not fail in certain conditions. A known tool for this type of testing is "Junit" for white box testing of Java code.
The generated tests should be accumulated in the RTB - regression test tool – an automated system that runs them periodically and validates software integrity compared to known good results.

In parallel to the testing, source coverage tool should be run to identify areas of source code that have not been tested. With such tool one can direct tests to "unexplored" areas of the system and make sure they are validated. These methodologies are must-have for modern software production. Not using them is like programming large systems in Assembler.

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